Adding Value

Research has shown that working with a financial advisor could result in additional growth in your wealth through having a clear understanding of you, portfolio construction, wealth management and behavioral coaching. “Vanguard developed their Advisor Alpha concept in 2001. Their infographics show their overall estimate for Advisor Alpha as 3% on a net basis (4% less an assumed 1% advisory fee).” Alpha is measured as the return above a benchmark. Our job is to help you navigate through your financial decisions and to help set you up for the best opportunity for success.

1Wade Pfau, “The Value of Sound Financial Decisions”, Forbes, May 3, 2016,

Clear Understanding of You

Gathering and studying your financial details is only one part of the process. We put an additional focus on fully understanding you.

Portfolio Construction (managing your assets)

Our portfolio construction system is focused on controlling the things you can control:

  • Diversification – spreading your investment among many holdings.
  • Expenses – Being mindful that high expenses are a drag on a portfolios overall return. We work to keep our portfolio expenses low and use active managers only when appropriate.
  • Tax Efficiency - Managing your portfolio to reduce your overall tax burden.
  • Regular Rebalancing – Adds value by selling the highs and buying the lows on a consistent basis. This methodical approach eliminates the temptation of an emotional investment decision.

Wealth Management

What is wealth management? We take a comprehensive view of your financial needs.

We implement tools such as portfolio management, distribution, and cash flow planning to name a few.

  • A rebalance of your portfolio may be necessary as your life and market conditions change.
  • An effective distribution plan will guide you to withdraw from your assets in the most tax-efficient and cost-saving manner.
  • Cash flow planning will make sure that you take the right level of income to match your living expenses each year.

Behavioral Coaching

Maintaining commitment to a financial plan is challenging when emotions are running strong. Our approach is to acknowledges those feelings and rely on the systems in place to help you avoid making an emotional mistake, like going to cash at a market bottom.

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